The 65 Days Project idea


I had the idea that I wanted to create something a little different than a painting, photo or drawing. Besides the fact I can’t do any of them with great success, I put my mind to thinking what I COULD achieve.


Like many people with chronic illnesses, we are often told what we can’t do, not what we can. I have always used this as motivation to prove people wrong. Anyone can do anything with patience, understanding and a little luck sometimes.


65 days project cystic fibrosis

Playing around with some tee mock ups


I liked the idea of creating a movie of sorts, along with doing what I know I can do well which is grow a beard. BINGO! Combine the two together.


I really wanted to personalise the experience a little more.


I got in contact with some band mates (The Sundrenched Sands) of a friend of mine who had passed away recently from complications of CF, to see if they would consider contributing some music. Without hesitation they offered a track. I could visualise them creating the track, having fun, hanging out.


The execution


All aspects of creating the video were completed using basic industry software (iMovie and GarageBand), along with Photoshop and Illustrator for creating the 65 Days Project logo.


65 days project cystic fibrosis

Creating the 65 Days Project logo in Illustrator


Talk about a learning curve! I’m handy with Photoshop and Illustrator but the other stuff – Out. Of. My. Depth. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I set myself to create a little movie over the course of a few days.


65 days project cystic fibrosis

The desktop. Illustrator, GarageBand and iMovie all firing.


Thanks to Google, I was able to slap together the final product. I’m happy that besides the track provided by his friends, all there rest are my results, for better or worse.


The finished product


I hope you like what I’ve created. I’m definitely not going to be the next Michael Bay or Spielberg, but it was a great learning experience.


What do you think? Please tell me your thoughts.


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