People get tattoos for different reasons. Motivation, memoriam, love or for fun. I am always interested in the story behind a piece of art that has the potential to stay with you forever. Ash has kindly shared images of his tattoos and the personal meaning behind them.

“So far it goes, Cross and Rosary beads for spirituality, amongst the rosary beads are the initials of the people who supported me the most through my transplant.Ash_tatt_1

The trees represent growth, and the circle of life / life from death.

The path through the trees is my path through life, it is curved to represent never knowing what is around the corner.

The moon is for my mum as she has always been there to guide me, and help me see the right way.

The girl with the mask is symbolic of hiding pain and sadness and pretending to be ok and happy.”

“There is meaning behind them all, and there is still more to be done.”

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