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Each interview is with a high achieving person with CF, or their loved ones, and we discuss the habits and routines that they use that allow them to live successful lives, despite all the hardships that come with CF.

We all know that CF has its ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups. On a personal level, I continually search for sources of motivation to help me strive towards that next personal goal I have set. I consider all these people to be role models because they are doing what they want. We can all learn from them.

I was fortunate in that my parents (my mother in particular) never held me back from participating in whichever activity I wanted. I feel this was so important to me because it allowed me to choose my own path in life. Sure there were times when common sense stopped me from making some choices in regard to my health, but overall I feel as though Ive had a well rounded life so far.

For me, the take home message from the individuals interviewed by Martin is listen to your body, listen to your doctors but listen to your heart as well and see where it takes you.



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