Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow

When I first laid my ears on this song, it was like nothing I had heard before.

I have a really eclectic music taste; everything from country to classical, rock and metal to chill out and everything in between. Expect the Happy Mondays. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THEM. My Dad used to play them all the time and after so many years of listening to them, I said enough is enough. Sorry Happy Mondays fans 🙁

Anyway, when I initially heard this album (released in ’95), I was beginning to crawl out of my rock / grunge roots and explore other music. This album coincided with the form of music that came to be known as Trip Hop (think Portishead, Massive Attack). I can honestly say that I ave listened to all or parts of this album at least once a month since its release.

The song that has stuck with me the most is Midnight in a Perfect World. I have listened to it with partners, ex’s, friends and by myself and it is a constant in my life. I have used it as quiet background music and blow your ears off decibel bursting levels and it’s always fantastic. It’s like a fine wine; it has layers and complexity that only through more and more listens can you appreciate even more.

On one of those longer hospital admissions, the album, and this track in particular have had a calming effect on me. Like being petted on the head from an old friend.


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Did you have a listen? What are your thoughts? What music inspires or relaxes you during stressful times?

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