Howdy my name is Ebony and I am 11 years old!

I’ve started drawing since I was little, but over the last few years,  I‘ve been drawing to relieve stress. I found it hard making friends at school, but last year I met my best and only friend called Phoebi. She makes school fun and exciting and I enjoy being around her.


I love to draw with pencil only and sometimes I may outline my work with a black Artline pen. I also colour some of them with thin Crayola windups. I draw everyday both at home and school, but also when I go to the hospital. ebony_2

Having CF can be crazy busy with treatments as I have to do several nebulised treatments twice a day and my physio treatments too. My Mum has to remind me to do them all and even prepares my medications for me to take. I’m good with my treatments now, but Mum says I didn’t like doing them when I was little and would get really frustrated and cry or scream.
ebony_3I hated my CF treatments and I just wanted to be like everyone else that didn’t have to do them. It doesn’t bother me anymore, as I’m use to it now. To stay healthy I never miss any of my treatments. My physio treatments are either 10 sets of 10 with PEP or the Aerobika. I’m not very sporty but I do have an exercise bike and a treadmill and I play Kinect Sports on the Xbox360…but i can still be a total couch potato.

While I’m doing my treatments, I’m either listening to music and or watching Youtube videos. My favourite people to watch are: Venturiantale, Jack epticeye and Markiplier.ebony_4

My favourite animals are cats and I have a Ragdoll cat called Marmalade. She is white all over with a blue/grey face, paws and her fluffy tail too. Mum says she’s just like me, and she very much is with the amount of awesome she has! We play tag and chase each other around the house. She wakes me up in the morning for a pat and a quick cuddle and she loves to sleep at the end of my bed…when she isn’t sleeping on MY spot of the couch.


Do you know any kids with CF that like to draw or paint as a way to deal with all the stuff involved with CF? Why not leave a comment and let us now what other ways kids you know use creativity to express themselves and distract from CF?

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