In a Place Not So Far Away

Was a hero in the making

It wasn’t anyone you or I know

Not a Rock Star or Super Sports Star

And I was the lucky one called for the taking.


In a Place Not So Far Away

For me, it was countdown to zero

But luckily, there was my hero

Somewhere, there for me.


In a Place Not So Far Away

There was a family whose loved one

Had been called back to our maker

And One thing I can tell you

Is, I was no faker


In a Place Not So Far Away

They didn’t know me

Didn’t have a clue who I was

But Because of their Selflessness, Kindness and generosity

And in their Darkest hour

They thought of me.


In a Place Not So Far Away

I received a Double Lung Transplant

So I could be free of CF and live on

And Breathe easy for the first time in my life

Now, I was out of strife.


It was on my Birthday, who could ask for

a better present than that, to rant.


In a Place Not So Far Away

Not a gift from my Mother, Father, Brother or Sister

But a gift from Madonna,

“Bub”, my Guardian Angel

She saved my life, my Organ Donor.


In a Place Not So Far Away

So precious and Dear

She spread her wings to fly

Without any Fear

Our little Butterfly.


In a Place Not So Far Away


I am so proud and Blessed and filled with Glory

To be here to tell you my Story.

Thank you to my Donor and my Donor Family

I love you the most, From the bottom of my Heart

For without you, I would have fallen apart.


Sam (40, post Transplant)

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