sick times

Once again I’ve protracted to a plod,

this fray lingers but lives with me

surprises keep me interested

but don’t tamper with my head

Blood is meant to be inside, in abundance, at the ready

Don’t cough too much or you’ll divert it

note to self, keep the rhythm and paddle steady

My gait has narrowed, wheel treads thinned

The timing change is covered… for now

I might need some welding done

I distance myself from a shadow

by charging into the light

Strengthened by an unknown legend

I am humbled by her side

She overflows my cup even when in drought

like eclipsing an eclipse would have nothing on this

Seconds tick by and by while I’m tethered to this spot

the reasons are clear but my willingness not

Minutes are mountains that can’t be re-got

Fortunate am I however sinister the plot

I can return, to my one and only

but some in here cannot

And as sure as the sun will always be there

so will my love, I need never despair.



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