Sometimes (I Wish) by City and Colour

an interview with Mat


city and colour

Who is the band?

City And Colour


What are songs of theirs may people have heard?

I can’t be sure because most of they fans are based in Canada but I have to say ‘The Girl‘.


When did you first hear this song?

I first heard their music in general during a hospital admission when a friend recommended them to me and we sat outside and listened to them for hours but my favourite song “Sometimes (I Wish)” I heard for the first time a few months ago.


Where do you like to listen to this song (i.e. in the car, exercising, with friends etc.)?

I like to listen to it pretty much everywhere and during any occasion. I tend to go to sleep listening to it.


Why did you pick this song?

As someone who has CF, the idea of being a ‘Simple Man’ has crossed my mind a lot and how much further in life would I have gotten if I didn’t have to deal with it but then I realise I came this far cause I am no ‘Simple Man’ and that is something I am proud of.


How many times do you listen to the song each week / month?

I listen to it everyday easily, and sometimes many times a day.


Is there a message you get from the lyrics?

I do get a few messages from this song I can relate to but really hard to put into words about how I can relate to it cause I relate to it on such a deep and meaningful level that it impossible to explain.

City and Colour | Sometimes (I Wish)

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